Global Mobilization DLC Compatibility Data for Non-Owners

Posted on June 25th, 2019 04:41 AM EST
Together with its third-party developer Vertexmacht, we are pleased to announce that the optional data for the Global Mobilization DLC (GM) is now available for download on the Arma 3 Steam Workshop. Subscribing to this Workshop item does NOT give you ownership of this DLC, but it will make it possible for those who do not yet own this DLC to join multiplayer servers that make use of GM assets, such as its weapons and vehicles.

Please be aware that restrictions[] to the use of DLC assets will apply to non-owners (for example, premium weapons cannot be picked up, premium vehicles can be primarily used as a passenger, and you receive DLC purchase notifications when using premium assets). Also note that access to the GM DLC's Weferlingen terrain remains fully exclusive to owners of the DLC (similar to default Arma 3 DLC with premium terrains such as Arma 3 Apex/Tanoa).
Frequently Asked Questions

When should I subscribe to this item?
If you subscribe to this Workshop item as a non-owner of the Global Mobilization Creator DLC (GM), then it will adopt the same Content Licensing system[] that is also used for default Arma 3 DLC. Some of the most typical use case scenarios for wanting to subscribe to this Workshop item are the following:

You did not want/were able to purchase the DLC yet, and you accept restrictions to the use of its content, but...
  • you want to join multiplayer servers that make use of GM content (note that this does not include access to the Weferlingen terrain);
  • you want to be able to preview the GM DLC assets in the Virtual Arsenal;
  • you want to access a community-made scenario, add-on, or mod that makes use of GM assets.
Why is Creator DLC data optional to install?
Creator DLC is optional to install so that the default Arma 3 installation size (and update download sizes) remains manageable for all – also for those who do not own or have interest in particular Creator DLC, and/or for people with limited storage space or slower Internet speeds/data restrictions. This is expected to become even more important in the future, when more Creator DLC of large data sizes might be released (for reference, GM DLC data is already about 20 GB). One other reason is that a Creator DLC's theme or setting might be very different from regular Arma 3, and not everyone might want that to be visible in their game.

I already own this DLC. Should I still subscribe to the Workshop item?
If you already own the DLC, you should not subscribe to this Workshop item to avoid the unnecessary duplication of data.

Anything else?
For more details, be sure to read the description on the "Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany: Compatibility Data for Non-Owners" Workshop page.

All in all, we believe this provides a good solution in terms of enabling DLC owners and non-owners to still play together online as much as possible. Thank you for your feedback and patience – and see you in-game!
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