Year In Arma 3 2022

Posted on January 6th, 2023 01:10 PM EST

2023 is here, and with a new year comes an opportunity to look back at the previous one.

We celebrated Arma 3’s 9th anniversary, and released several platform updates, Creator DLC updates, as well as a Charity Bundle – plus we welcomed nearly a million new recruits into the fold!

Meanwhile, the community has been as active as ever - playing the game, sharing screenshots, making videos, forming units, and posting tens of thousands of new items to the Steam Workshop.

So let’s take a moment to briefly recap Arma 3's many highlights of 2022. Head over to our website to read the full blog post:

We have some very special plans throughout 2023 for Arma 3's 10th Anniversary  - so stay tuned to our social media for upcoming announcements! Here's to a great new year!
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