Immersive Zombie Survival

Hostname Immersive Zombie Survival | DayZ | Hordes - AI - Hardcore - 1PP
Status Checked <1 minute ago / Online 10 days ago
Players 0 / 30
Location United Kingdom
Version 1.84.144923
Platform Windows
Map Altis
Registered by Cillo
Registered since July 7th, 2018 11:44 AM EST
Last update July 7th, 2018 11:45 AM EST
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This server is meant to provide a hardcore zombie apocalypse experience. The perspective is locked to first-person. You don't spawn with any items except for a drink and a head torch. You'll start with no money. You'll have to kill zombies, AI and other players to gain respect. You won't be able to buy guns from the traders. You won't be able to mysteriously spawn a vehicle at will. You will need to manage when you sprint so you have energy to run from zombies. You'll have to scavenge for food and survival equipment. This is the kind of server we run, and these parts of the game play aren't negotiable. If you want that hardcore Exile experience, then stick around.

Shitloads of zombies. They'll spawn in urban areas, military areas and other places. Hordes roam the map, so be prepared to either run or spend a load of ammo wiping them out.

Plenty of AI. In addition to random missions, there are roaming AI. Sometimes they'll be in vehicles, sometimes they'll be on foot. You might find a group of two guys, you might find twenty. There are guarded crates, crashed vehicles, and even friendlies from time to time. Find out what the server has to offer by just exploring. But keep your guard up. AI and zombies will also attack one another, so you may get a bit of warning before bumping into a patrol.

A mighty loot table. CUP offers a lot of weapons, and most of them are in the loot table. AI will carry all sorts of guns and wear all sorts of clothes. Good luck finding a map, a GPS, binoculars and night vision. They're out there, you just have to keep looking.

Extensive crafting. There are loads of crafting items. You can buy some stuff at the traders, but the server should allow you to build a really unique base.
An 'anti-trading system'. In a hardcore server, you should have to find stuff. You shouldn't be able to buy stuff. Least of all weapons and ammo. Get out there into Altis and survive. Who the hell wants to play the game so they can go shopping?

Controlled respect. You can't just sell a helicopter for a ton of money and respect. The markup on items in Altis is huge. You won't sell stuff for anything like their full price, and you'll get barely any respect for trading. Go kill some zombies - that's the way to rank-up.

Towing and lifting. The advanced towing and lifting mods allow you to tow lots of things. Towing requires the player to have a rope in their inventory, though lifting can be done from any helicopter.

Rappelling. You can rappel from buildings and from helicopters. Be mindful though that the rope will sometimes break spontaneously. Only to be used if absolutely necessary!
Working mine detection. The stock Arma 3 mine detector is in the loot table and can be found around the map. To use it, use the '[' or ']' keys.

Head torches. Installing a mod that does just one thing seems a bit pointless, but Mr Sanchez' Headlamps are just too cool. The only thing scarier than stumbling around blindly in the dark is actually being able to see them before they bite you. Use Shift+N to activate the head torch.

Enhanced Movement. With this simple but amazing mod, you can climb all over the terain of Altis, reaching new places you'd never reached before. You need to bind a key in the main Arma 3 menu - see the mod's Steam page for a guide on setting up the keybind.

And much, much more. Secret traders, advanced repairing, claimable vehicles, reasonable vehicle spawns, random start dates and times - the server is always changing. If you have an idea of how to improve things, just give us a shout.