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Hostname [EN/RU] Schatten's Wasteland Takistan | Roaming AI
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Location Netherlands
Version 2.16.151618
Platform Windows
Map Takistan
Registered by Schatten
Registered since April 14th, 2024 05:44 AM EST
Last update May 3rd, 2024 12:32 PM EST
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About This Server

Created from scratch Schatten's implementation of the popular sandbox mission for Arma 3, Wasteland, makes it unique among other implementations (such as A3Wasteland) in its maximum use of features built into the base game and its minimalism, resulting in very high performance and a small mission file size.

Wasteland is a sandbox mission whose objective is to survive. It doesn't matter what you do (kill other players or just wander around the world) or how you do it (alone, in a group or as a side).

There are three opposing sides in the mission:
Players of these sides are friendly within the side. They can operate together as a large team, or unite with other players in small teams, groups. Players of these sides are not allowed to kill each other and steal from each other.
- Independent
Players of this side are not bound to other players of the side by default. So you can kill them and steal from them. However, you can unite with other players in a group to operate together.

You spawn with a limited set of weapons and items by default. You can get something better in vehicles, from other players, on tasks or buy in shops.

Some features:
- Profiles
A profile contains data such as money amount, health points, weapons and equipment, and so on. You can have 3 profiles – by one per unit side.
- Saving loadouts
You can save loadouts in weapons shops. Those loadouts for which you have enough money will be available in the respawn menu.
- Health auto recovery
If you are injured and you have at least 75 health points, then it can be recovered.
- Money transfers
Transfer money to friendly players.
- Sectors control
Capture and control sectors and receive money for this.
- Group control
Unite with players of the side in groups and operate together.
- Fuel pouring
Does your vehicle has low or out of fuel? Pour it from other vehicle!
- Loading/unloading cargo
Load into and unload cargo from vehicles that support Vehicle in Vehicle Transport functionality.
- Attachable Taru pods
Attach a pod to Taru helicopter and move it.
- Personal vehicle
Need to get somewhere, but there is no vehicle nearby? Request personal vehicle!

Required mods
- Creator DLC: Reaction Forces or Reaction Forces - Creator DLC Compatibility Data
- Creator DLC: Western Sahara or Western Sahara - Creator DLC Compatibility Data
- CUP Terrains Core
- CUP Terrains Maps

Allowed mods
- Blastcore Edited (standalone version)
- Photon VFX

The mission is created under the influence of Peace Is For Pussies Wasteland (created by KiloSwiss for Arma 2).