RC Branch for Global Mobilization: Cold War Germany is now available!

Posted on August 8th, 2019 08:44 AM EST

We have pushed the upcoming Global Mobilization patch addressing numerous issues into the Creator DLC RC branch.

To opt into the RC branch, please follow these instructions:

  • Right-click on Arma 3.
  • Select Properties.
  • Access the BETAS tab.
  • Enter the access code (see the box on the right when available).
  • Press CHECK CODE.
  • Select creatordlcrc - Creator DLC Release Candidate Build
  • Let the game update itself to the RC build.
  • To ensure a valid build, consider verifying the integrity of the local game cache using Steam client.

Content Fixes:

Added: DLC information to all Campaign missions
Added: aiBurstTerminable = true to all Machine Gun type weapons firing modes
Added: burstRangeMax to all Machine Gun type weapons firing modes
Added: ZSU23 and FlakPz1 FCS setup
Added: Additional 500 Rounds AP for ZSU 23-4
Changed: T140639 License plate numbers set through the GM functions can now also be obtained by using the getPlateNumber scripting command
Changed: ZSU23 and FlakPz1 Main weapon split into AP and HE muzzle
Changed: Animation display names adjustment for BMP-1 SP2
Changed: Cleanup of weapon modes
Fixed: Adding missing gm_coutermeasure_expl sound file
Fixed: Duplicate weapon for East German tank crew
Fixed: Maljutka AI max range reduced from 5000m to 3000m
Fixed: Mass of Grenades
Fixed: Popup when switching to passenger seat in some vehicles
Fixed: T140351 Unable to enter the rear compartment of the East German medical truck

If you encounter any issues, please, do not hesitate to report them to our Feedback Tracker[feedback.bistudio.com]
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